Protocol Village

Welcome to Protocol Village the epicenter of blockchain innovation, a space where leading protocols and visionary builders converge. A catalyst for developers and tech pioneers dedicated to advancing the industry.

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Protocols that attend



A Multi-Chain Metropolis

Spanning three full days, Protocol Village showcases 20+ leading protocols, each offering a distinct perspective on why you should build in their ecosystem.

Avalanche, Chainlink, Solana, NEAR, Stellar, XRP Ledger, Arbitrum, Mantle, Optimism, Base, Stacks, and more.


How the OGs Are Thriving in 2024

Thursday at Protocol Village celebrates the giants of blockchain: Ethereum and Bitcoin. Each receives a half-day focus, showcasing the latest advancements on each network. Unpack how Ordinals and Lightning are making Bitcoin more dynamic. Explore how Layer 2s are bringing Etheruem to the masses.

Deep Dive Workshops

Where Depth Meets Discovery

Experience a world of learning at Protocol Village with our expanded technical workshops. An additional stage doubles the content, offering hands-on sessions to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned experts, these workshops ensure valuable insights and practical know-how for every attendee, regardless of their skill level.

As a developer, Consensus is the perfect setting to connect and build alongside industry experts from every corner of the ecosystem. You’ll leave the event with a greater understanding of the tools and trends that will go on to define the space for the year ahead.

Benefits of attending


Learn directly from 20+ chains including Arbirtrum, Chainlink, Solana and more.

Intensive Learning

Three days packed with technical talks, 40+ expert speakers and in-depth workshops.

Deep Dives

Dig into ETH and BTC with dedicated half-days.

Explore Consensus by Interest

Programming tailored for members of traditional finance, decentralized finance, policymakers, investors and anyone else eager to explore topics like ETFs, real-world asset tokenization, regulation and beyond.

Calling all developers, entrepreneurs, protocols and startups! This Consensus category is all about building with blockchain technology and innovating within the decentralized digital economy.

This series of sessions is dedicated to artists and creators, brands, gamers and AI enthusiasts interested in building businesses and communities.

Consensus is home to a thriving ecosystem of innovative startups and investors shaping the future of the decentralized digital economy. Founders, investors and entrepreneurs come here to ignite partnerships and take their business to new heights.

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