Web3 and AI

Gen C Stage

Welcome to the Gen C Stage, our vibrant hub for Web3 innovation. Where emerging tech transforms the business landscape. This stage is the nexus for artists, creators, brands, gamers, and AI aficionados eager to shape the internet's future.

Companies that attend


Brand & Creator Summit

The quest for consumer connection

On Wednesday, hear how brands large and small are shipping innovations, not gimmicks, that keep them on the cutting edge.

  • How First-Party Data Unlocks Consumer Relationships
  • Why Digital Collectibles Will Define 2024
  • Building business through the creator lens
  • En Vogue? The Digital Art Movement
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Gaming & Immersive Worlds

The evolution of our digital lives

On Thursday, dive deep into the future of the largest and most influential segment in the realm of entertainment.

  • Are Immersive Worlds the New Social?
  • Explaining the Rise of 'Digital Twins'
  • Digital identity, Assets and Interoperability
  • How Game Worlds Are Approaching Web3
  • Is Mixed Reality Real Yet?
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AI Summit

How AI shapes you, your industry, your world

On Friday, cut through the AI hype to find where true transformation and opportunity lies.

  • What Does It Mean to Be Human in an AI World?
  • Why Crypto could be the Native Currency of AI
  • How Blockchain Can Keep AI Accountable
  • Will AI kill us all?
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Benefits of attending

The Gen C area is the name of our dedicated Web3 footprint. With a wide array of programming and activities, the Gen C stage includes full-day summits on Web3 Gaming & Immersive Worlds, the intersection of AI and blockchain and how brands and creators are leveraging the ownership economy through blockchain. The location focus is on the emerging technologies and communities building the new internet in partnership with artists, creators, brands, gamers, AI enthusiasts and all those looking to build upon the opportunities and challenges of the networked world.

Connect with All Sides of the Ecosystem

Consensus is the only event in the world that brings together the different crypto tribes and industry stakeholders to facilitate dialogue and break down barriers, knowing that diverse perspectives provide inspiration and ideas to all.

Learn from Leading Web3 Innovators

Tap into the largest knowledge collective working at the cutting-edge of Web3 tech in diverse industry settings, ranging from art to gaming to finance. Fuel your curiosity with in-depth summits and an impressive array of expert speakers. Emerge with the tools you need to tackle the next wave of innovation in the new-age digital economy.

Art, Culture and Community

Visionary artists, content creators, and creative individuals converge on Austin and share new ideas for leveraging blockchain technology to explore frontiers in art, music, entertainment, and digital media.

Visit the Gen C Demo Area

The Gen C Demo Area is the home base for emerging technology, DePIN, gaming and blockchain connected hardware and software companies to demo products or services, giving attendees hands-on experience with cutting edge technology & experiences.

Featuring networked products from Dimo, Foam, FutureBit, HeatBit, Helium Mobile, Nodal, Roam, WeatherXM, Aphone

As well as gaming experiences from Lamina1, Gaia.net, Parallel, Atlas AI Mona, Nifty Island, Forgotten Runes and others. See you there!

Explore Consensus by Interest

Programming tailored for members of traditional finance, decentralized finance, policymakers, investors and anyone else eager to explore topics like ETFs, real-world asset tokenization, regulation and beyond.

Calling all developers, entrepreneurs, protocols and startups! This Consensus category is all about building with blockchain technology and innovating within the decentralized digital economy.

This series of sessions is dedicated to artists and creators, brands, gamers and AI enthusiasts interested in building businesses and communities.

Consensus is home to a thriving ecosystem of innovative startups and investors shaping the future of the decentralized digital economy. Founders, investors and entrepreneurs come here to ignite partnerships and take their business to new heights.

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