Consensus @ Consensus

At Consensus 2024, we're reprising a series of interactive and intimate conversations we pioneered at last year's event. In the Consensus @ Consensus series, we tap the collective wisdom of the Consensus community’s diverse membership to seek blockchain-inspired solutions to some of the thorniest issues of our rapidly evolving internet age and to the many regulatory, technological and cultural challenges facing the digital asset industry.

Together, this year’s four core topics – AI, CBDCs digital rights, and privacy-versus-child safety – form a framework for what it means to be human in the digital age. Each topic will be covered in one private roundtable and one town hall. The former will be invite-only, off-stage and unattributed, with a goal to represent a cross-section of interested parties from the many disciplines that make up the big-tent Consensus community. The town halls will be open to all Consensus attendees, with invited speakers leading the conversations and encouraging audience members to take the microphones floating around the room.

Then we wrap it all up with a report to be published in the month after Consensus.

Applications to participate are now closed.

Consensus @ Consensus Sessions